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The Mind’s Eye is a 22 foot tall sculpture made of painted, hand formed steel. The artwork represents the human ability to take struggle and pain, and turn it into something beautiful and absurd.  

The Mind’s Eye was awarded an Honoraria grant from Burning Man in 2020/2021, and will be shown at Burning Man 2022. Potential venues for placement after Burning Man 2022 are currently being explored in California, Portland and New York City. 

The Build

Launa is currently building at Hyde Made shop, in Tonasket, WA and is soon moving the sculpture to New York City to be completed. Launa and her crew of volunteers are using hand forming techniques to create a smooth, curved steel aesthetic. The base of the sculpture is built with structural steel, while the outside is skinned with formed steel panels – hammered in hand made wooden molds carved by Launa, and smoothed out with traditional automotive techniques. The finish of the sculpture will be a smooth, bright and colorful palette. Inspiration for the finished look includes large scale art by: Jeff Koons, Salvador Dali, Kaws, and Niki De Saint Phalle. 



The Mind’s Eye was awarded a $14k grant from The Burning Man Project to begin the initial build. BuildCrew is fundraising $35k to allow this project to realize – this will pay for shop rental, engineering needs, transportation and storage.


Investors at all levels are appreciated and will receive thank you gifts with The Mind’s Eye memorabilia, and Major investors at the $5,000 level have the option to receive a bronze cast tabletop edition of The Mind’s Eye model, to be cast in Capetown South Africa in the summer of 2022. 

100% of donations will be given to the artist.  Build Crew retains no fees for operating costs. 


We Need Your Support!